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How to Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist

How to Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist

Independent musicians can freely manage their careers with the help of Spotify, even without the support of a record label. Spotify is widely used by independent artists as well as well-known figures in the music industry.

One feature on Spotify that is incredibly useful for musicians is the artist playlist. The creation of a Spotify artist playlist that you share on your artist page allows you to highlight your discography, musical influences, go-to jam, and much more.

Artist playlists are essential for your new music release, whether it's via boosting your branding, giving you a compelling artist pick for your Spotify page, or acting as a platform to develop online relationships with other artists. Also, this can increase your Spotify "fans also like" recommendations.

Discover how to make the most of your own Spotify artist playlist by reading on to learn everything you need to know.

What is a Playlist on Spotify?

You might be unsure of what a Spotify playlist is if you are new to the platform. A playlist is a grouping of music or audio samples that can be listened to via a streaming service.

Instead of browsing through Spotify to switch between music, you can make customized playlists using your favorite songs for activities like workouts, events, or just relaxing at home. Also, Spotify artist playlists are a selection of songs you put together for the enjoyment of your viewers and supporters. As you can see, it's an excellent feature that's quite well-liked by consumers.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist

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Create a Spotify for Artists Account and Get Verified

Let's say you're unsure about the prerequisites for building a playlist. In such situation, setting up Spotify for Artists and being a verified Spotify user are required. The Spotify artist playlist function is only available to confirmed artists.

This is a great time to remind you that you should make a personal Spotify profile right away. You can accomplish this by going to the Spotify for Musicians page. By just following a few simple instructions, you may manage your artist page. You can also discover how to maximize your Spotify artist profile here. You will then be able to sign up for Spotify with verified status.

Why Should I Create a Spotify Artist Playlist?

As a new musician, it can be difficult at initially to increase your fan base and promote your music. Using a Spotify artist playlist will make it simple to accomplish that while listening to your favorite music. With the playlist tool, you can include an artist playlist in your Spotify profile. As a result, your followers and prospective listeners can appreciate the music you choose. It's also a great technique to get more plays and win over new followers.

Furthermore, Spotify urges you to make one of these playlists! If you make extensive use of artist features, Spotify may even consider including you on one of its official playlists. You may be able to work with other artists thanks to the features of other playlists. Because Spotify is a terrific tool to launch your music career, use it wisely and make a playlist.

How To Create Your Own Spotify Artist Playlist. It’s Simple!

You can create a playlist pretty rapidly. But wait, maybe I wasn't completely clear to you. Technically speaking, creating a playlist is easy, and if you follow the instructions below, you'll be a pro in no time. The true difficulty arises when you must blend music to get the right flow and discover a name and a picture that will effectively represent your list. Such job demands perseverance and in-depth familiarity with the amazing music that surrounds us. Your artist profile will proudly feature some of that music, and... Nah, let's go back to the easy part! Afterwards, I'll give you some great advice on the craft of playlist construction that will enable you to master it.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist

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Set Up Your Spotify Playlists in 6 Steps

  1. Choose New Playlist from the left navigation on Spotify's desktop version.
  2. Give your playlist a name. What you need is a name that people could naturally look for.
  3. Give your playlist a description in writing. To improve the number of playlist searches, include keywords in the opening clause.
  4. Choose or produce a photo for your playlist. Make a statement with your playlist by choosing something eye-catching.
  5. Look for the playlist in "Your Library" after saving it.
  6. Add tunes to the playlist to complete it. By dragging tracks into the playlist name in the left menu or by right-clicking a track and choosing "Add to Playlist," you can add tracks to playlists. Congratulations! You currently have a playlist of your favorite artists!

More tips & techniques are offered by the Spotify community for the various desktop, mobile, Android, iPhone, and online players.

Add an Artist Playlist to Your Artist Profile

Once you've made it, put it to your artist profile so that everyone who visits may easily locate it. Take these actions:

Web browser

  1. Choose Profile.
  2. Choose the pencil icon to the left of Artist Playlists.
  3. Enter the playlist's Spotify link or use the search bar.

Spotify App

  1. In the bottom right corner, tap the profile icon.
  2. Click “Edit” next to Artist Playlists.
  3. Click “+” Add Playlist.
  4. Enter a Spotify link or search for the playlist.

Keep Your Spotify Artist Playlist Up-to-Date

I'm sorry to break your heart by telling you that you shouldn't leave your Spotify playlist sit there unattended if you think that creating your artist's playlist is the end of your effort. Update the playlists on a weekly basis by adding and deleting tracks, as well as modifying artwork or names. The Spotify algorithm favors fresh or new playlists! Every time you add new tunes and inform your audience of them, you have the chance to win over new admirers.

If your playlist becomes popular, don't make many changes because you have the right formula! Continue using the same name and concept. Just add a few new tracks and your own to better present oneself to the new audience.

Let’s quickly explore some of the features you are blessed with, like the ability to add or remove songs from a playlist.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist

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Rearrange or remove playlists

Choose the following from your artist profile:

Web browser

  1. Visit your Artist Profile.
  2. Next to Artist Playlists, select the pencil icon.
  3. To reorder, click and drag, and to remove a playlist, click “X.”

Spotify App

  1. In the bottom right corner, tap the profile icon.
  2. Tap” Edit” next to Artist Playlists.
  3. To move a playlist, press and hold to the right of it. To remove it, tap the icon to the left.

The Art of Making Your Custom Spotify Artist Playlists 

The creation of playlists is an original, subjective mix of craft and art. If you give any group of people the same theme to base their playlist on, there won't be two similar playlists. Your playlist additions will be unique to you, and there isn't an one approach that will always work.

But I'll give you some tips that will assist you as an artist utilize your playlist to its full potential. The article's final seven professional hints for making a fantastic playlist that many people will enjoy are available once you finish reading.

Set Clear Goals for Your Playlist

You might also want to think about the objectives you have for creating your playlist as an artist. Making links between your music and the work of other artists is one of your objectives.

You can choose songs that reflect your personal musical taste, but you can also share songs that move you. A excellent example is one of the Spotify playlists created by the band Paramore. All the songs that motivated them as they worked on the After Laughter album were compiled into a popular playlist. This is a wonderful way to pay tribute to all of your influences and show the audience where you are in your musical path right now.

Not only is it admirable to honor those you like, but you should also share music created by people you know, collaborate with, or are a part of your artistic community. Think about the numerous ways the playlist might be useful for networking and attracting new customers.

The Most Effective Artist Playlist Strategy

Creating at least two or three Spotify playlists is something I'd suggest. Too many will probably dilute the others, and your public playlist profile will get crowded. Encourage all of your followers to listen to this particular playlist, and make sure you only promote one.

Up to three of your own songs may be included on this list, but you should predominantly employ music by other artists. These should be spaced out in the playlist as well. Place your most recent music either first or second on the playlist. Add any tracks featuring you that other musicians have released.

It would be a good idea to insert a track from a more well-known artist before or after your own to further aid the algorithms' association of your track with particular artists or genres of music. Include recently released music from other artists wherever you can because it will probably garner greater attention for their tracks, which will benefit your tune.

Also, make sure your profile has a playlist called "This Is (Artist Name)" or "Discography" that solely contains your songs. This is your whole discography and only contains songs that you or your band has written. You won't spread the word about this playlist. Only fans will find it in the search results. You should also make sure that your playlist is displayed before any other user profiles that also have playlists for your band. Thus, give the name some thought. To let people know they are listening to your playlist, add "Official Playlist" after your name.

Your Followers Can Help You with Sharing Optimization 

Post your artist playlist as your "Artist Choice" on your artist profile and share and promote it on social media. You ought to:

  • Request that people listen to your music from the playlist rather than your profile.
  • To get your song into fans' music libraries, ask them to "like" it.
  • Get fans to add your songs to their playlists while they are listening to yours.

The well-known Spotify algorithm may favor you as a result of all of this.

how to create your own spotify artist playlist

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7 Tips for Making Your Playlist Shine

1. Keep your audience in mind

One of the key components of a good marketing strategy is knowing your target market. As a result, anytime you share something with your audience, consider their potential areas of interest.

2. Networking is the key

Get in touch with the other musicians you have included on your Spotify playlists. Follow and promote the artists you highlight on your playlists on social media and streaming services to foster community and boost one another's morale. Perhaps you can return the favor. Include them in the "Description" section of the playlist to boost SEO.

3. Select a mood or theme 

List songs that are influenced by a certain feeling or idea. Make Spotify playlists for different activities, such as working out, studying, going to the beach, gaming, and more. Also, you can choose songs based on your attitude or vibe, such as relaxed, inspired, mellow, lively, or romantic. Moreover, keep in mind how frequently common words like "happy," "sad," "party," and similar ones are used.

4. Carefully Choose Name, Description, and Artwork

Use cool artwork and an intriguing description to make a playlist that is exclusively yours. Your audience will pay attention as a result. Choose a name for your Spotify that will intrigue users and be enlightening (e.g., refer to the mood, occasion, etc.). Now you understand why a name like "August 2022" isn't really a good one in that sense.

5. Set the Right Duration

Make a Spotify playlist with at least 30 songs but no more than 70. The ideal time frame is two to three hours.

6. Make a Good Flow

The algorithm keeps track of how many people skip tracks and mute their speakers. Ensure sure the transitions between songs on the playlist are seamless. Nobody wants a melancholy ballad to be abruptly ended by an unrelated music! Unless absolutely necessary, you should definitely avoid tracks that are unduly drawn out or take an age to get to the hook. Consider carefully how you can maintain listeners' interest!

7. Add Commentary Tracks 

Commentary tracks are great for artist playlists but are only available to artists, not to general Spotify users. In essence, it's a speech recording that lasts between 15 and 45 seconds and is either inserted between music or placed as the initial track in a playlist. It takes some time to set up, but the extra effort will win your audience over and help your business. Record a recording of yourself outlining the playlist's motivation and introducing it to listeners. Encourage listeners to click "Follow" most importantly. To discover how to set up this track as a "commentary track" rather than a conventional audio track like your music, you must speak with your distributor after recording it.


You now understand the impact a diverse Spotify artist playlist may have. Strive to retain and put everything you learnt today to use. You'll probably experience tremendous advantages for your profession in the music business.

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