How will i get promoted?

We have 30 SoundCloud accounts with a total of 1,000,000 followers and we have a Facebook group with other partners who also have a huge amount of followers so we make repost trades to promote each other. Now, the thing is that we will keep doing repost trades and promoting your music until it gets reposted to as many followers as you have paid for.

Our client's

We worked with agents and many signed artists from Interscope Records.

Interscope Records

We promoted a spotify campaign for billboard artist "Logan henderson" sponsored by Sony Music

Sony Music

We worked with big artists and agent's from Universal Music Group

Universal Music Group

We did massive campaign for SNOOP DOGG! Campaign link

Snoop Dogg

We worked with Spininin records artist like Jetfire,Skan,Rivero and many more!

Spinnin Records

Promoted Rae Sremmurd popular song Perplexing Pegasus!

Rae Sremmurd

We Promoted Wiz Khalifa song by this link  

Wiz Khalifa

We promoted Chris Brown song!

Chris Brown

Massive Promotion for 21 Savage featuring \ Song Link

21 Savage