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Should You Buy Spotify Streams And Followers

Should You Buy Spotify Streams And Followers

Now that music is available digitally, listening to it is easier than ever. You can easily access both new and old music, so you can have whatever style of music you choose at your disposal.

Any song or album you wish to listen to can be found on one of the several websites that provide online music streaming. One of the most popular is Spotify.

Spotify has seen considerable global expansion with over 433 million users in more than 180 countries.

Spotify, however, provides more than simply music streaming; it's a popular social media site where musicians may advance their careers.

Because Spotify allows many established and upcoming musicians to release their work and pays them when others stream it, it is a realistic option for many musicians to make money.

However, Spotify's pay rates aren't too fantastic, so if you want to be able to make any money at all, you'll need a lot of streams and followers. So, should you buy Spotify streams and followers in order to build a great artist brand? Please read on to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of such a deal as well as my honest comments.

Why Would You Consider Buying Spotify Followers and Streams

As I've already indicated, millions of people utilize Spotify, a very well-liked music streaming service, all over the world. You have a unique opportunity to reach a huge audience and grow your fan base abroad by uploading your songs to Spotify.

The fantastic thing about it is that you may build on your success; if you gather a large international following, you can even find yourself traveling in other cities and making extra money from merchandise sales. But is it always advisable to purchase plays and streams?

What is Social Proofing?

Due to social cred, also known as "social proof," which is the ability to buy streams and followers, you can perform better on Spotify over time and attract more attention. When you have a significant following, people are more likely to buy into what you're offering because they admire you. If your song receives a lot of streams, people will be curious to hear it and learn more about it.

If you have more followers, people will probably be interested in joining your community since they don't like to be excluded and because your music seems more well-liked when you have more followers.

More streams can help you do better in this way.

You may gain the momentum you need to gradually draw in more users by buying Spotify streams and followers. This will help you become more well-known on the platform and among the music industry.

So, social proofing has an impact on brand-new listeners who have never heard of you. Listeners are more likely to enjoy a song with over 200 million Spotify streams than one with no plays or streams. It is entirely psychological, and it is effective.

The only drawback is that it only works when real people see your profile or account to listen to your music or view your statistics, etc. Therefore, buying plays or follows without also directing people to your page is effectively a waste of money.

If artists want to do anything, they can't be stopped. If you choose to purchase phony Spotify plays and followers, that decision is totally up to you. I'd rather you concentrate your efforts on becoming a good artist, though.

You might as well approach your music career the right way if you're going to invest your hard-earned money in it.

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Should you buy Spotify Plays

Because the music industry is plagued with phony streams, followers, likes, and anything else you can think of, it's difficult to know whether or not to receive Spotify plays.

Some individuals might think that purchasing Spotify plays and followers is absolutely cool and just a part of the game, depending on who you ask. Others, though, could counter that buying Spotify plays is a certain way to ruin your career.

Additionally, if someone is passionate about wanting to purchase Spotify plays, I don't mind or judge them. I do suggest avoiding any dangers or drawbacks associated with buying these false streams and followers, though. Actually, all those false Spotify plays and followers do is increase the social evidence of your profile.

The Results Will Depend on Your Goals

Play counts can be bought, and this is nothing new. Back when vinyl records were still being purchased, "fake plays" were widespread.

In order to get a song into the Top Ten of the charts, affluent musicians, managers, and the families of budding stars have frequently literally gone out and bought thousands of copies of the song.

You have no idea whether these listeners genuinely thought your music was fantastic, only because it's easier and less expensive to buy those thousands of records in the digital age of plays and downloads.

You must ascertain their perspectives. The music will still be awful even if you write a really dreadful song, release it, and pay for 10,000 unique Spotify listeners. It's been tried and tested before.

I'm not advocating against using Spotify. You do, of course. A great way for independent musicians to have their music heard is through Spotify, which has produced thousands of artists. However, there are other, far more efficient ways to use Spotify than having to buy plays.

Buying Spotify Plays and Streams Doesn’t Help You in the Long Run

If you continue to provide Spotify with accurate listener data, the platform will actively employ algorithms to increase your streaming.

Organic Spotify traffic must come from actual ears. Real individuals have to make decisions in the real world. If people like your music, they'll download it, stream it more frequently, etc. Bad luck if they don't, I suppose. Produce more music, improve your craft, distribute it, and keep growing your catalog.

Just be aware that by purchasing Spotify plays and followers, you are not giving Spotify access to high-quality data that will serve your interests in the long run.

What would happen, for instance, if you bought lots of phony followers for your Twitter, Instagram, or other social media accounts?

It would be difficult to obtain brand deals or record deals since the numbers and outcomes would not line up.

Is It Possible To Be Paid For Fake Spotify Plays?

Spotify stated that they may withhold the royalties they receive for your music if you have fraudulent streams on your songs.

Be advised that you run the danger of having your song completely removed from the platform if they discover any usage of bot activity of any type.

Because of this, everything truly hinges on where you buy the streams from and whether Spotify can determine whether they are legitimate or not.

The platform will probably become aware of your streams if you utilize a cheap service to purchase Spotify plays or streams, and you won't be compensated for the streams you produced.

You might be able to earn money from the plays and streams you buy if you can discover a trustworthy business. But that presents a more serious moral conundrum.

You can be stealing money from the service if you purchase Spotify plays (or followers). Think about paying $10 for 5,000 Spotify streams. If Spotify pays $4 for every 1000 streams, you are effectively stealing $20 from them. This is the main justification Spotify has for wanting to take your song from their platform. Everyone despises thieves.

How Can You Tell if a Site Selling Spotify Plays Is Trustworthy?

If you Google "buy Spotify plays and followers," you'll find a ton of Google Ad replies, such as "Buy Spotify plays and listeners now and skyrocket your career." Here are three warning signs that a website is bogus, which may seem incredible:

1. They only charge for a select few streams.

2. The website offers a lot of broadcasts for a modest price ($50 for 10,000 streams).

3. The webpage contains clear spelling and grammar problems.

How can you know if the Spotify play promotions you purchase from these websites are trustworthy? Of course, the offering is obvious from the start. The return on a $10 investment is 1,000 plays, right? That is strange.

The same is true for websites that let you purchase Spotify followers and streams, which often display five or more bundles, each with a certain stream count. (5k, 10k, 20k, and 100k).

These products/services are excellent if you only need the "clout" and nothing else. The lesson in this situation is to maintain your composure when things go wrong with your artist account, when other artists or businesspeople pay notice, etc.

Big labels don't like it when musicians use these phony services. Keep in mind that Spotify functions somewhat like social media for music, so do your best to project the best image of oneself.

Is Purchasing Spotify Plays and Followers Illegal?

Using bots to add plays to your music amounts to stealing money from the service, which could come back to bother you, even though buying plays or followers on Spotify is legal.

I suggest against using any form of bots when promoting your music.

The use of phony stream activity is not permitted by Spotify, as has been made abundantly clear from the beginning.

You run the risk of having your music or maybe your entire profile erased.

If You Buy Spotify Streams, Can Your Song Be Removed?

Your song may be deleted from Spotify if you buy fraudulent or botted plays or streams for it.

In recent years, Spotify has improved the intelligence of its anti-bot identification. In accordance with 60% of the 300 artists, Spotify has removed their music after buying fraudulent plays.

As a business that naturally promotes music on Spotify, we frequently come across users who have paid to have their tracks removed from streams.

It's terrible, especially for us artists who occasionally assign the incorrect blame. Do not let the removal of your song from Spotify bother you too much.

You were aware of the dangers when you chose to buy Spotify plays, followers, and listeners.

Can You Get Your Song Back On Spotify After It Was Taken Down?

The good news is that you can reinstate your song on Spotify if it was taken down due to fraudulent streams or plays.

If you have your ISRC code handy, you can really upload your song again through a different distributor. Verify that you are using the correct ISRC, artwork, title, artists, etc. You usually receive your stream count returned as well.

Is Investing In Spotify Streams and Followers A Successful Music Marketing Plan?

In a word, no! Marketing professionals would advise against buying Spotify streams if you want to build a genuine, long-term career in music.

Instead of purchasing Spotify plays, Spotify followers, or Spotify monthly listeners, learn how to include practical marketing methods into your release strategy.

Unfortunately, everyone would be doing that if it were that easy to expand by simply going out and buying the cheapest Spotify plays.

Actually, it's still important to make outstanding music.

If you want to succeed as an artist, you not only need to have a solid music marketing strategy; you also need to produce high-caliber songs. discover more about the music marketing approach that will be effective in 2023.

What to Do Instead of Buying Spotify Plays and Followers?

The solution is shockingly easy! Use the promotional resources offered on Spotify and other social media networks like Facebook or visit reputable advertising companies. If you seek for help in the appropriate location, you'll be pleasantly pleased at how simple it is to receive organic streams.

Let's say you're willing to part with your money for all those phony followers and plays that will ultimately get you nowhere. Then you need to reevaluate your priorities! Find out what you need to do to start a great career and win many devoted followers by reading on!

Get Your Music On Spotify First

Let's begin with the fundamentals. Spotify requires that all music submissions be unreleased in order to be considered. This must be delivered by a distributor or a record company.

A digital distributor, commonly referred to as a digital service provider (DSP), will handle the licensing, distribution, and royalties if you're unsigned. Your record company will assist you in uploading your music to Spotify.

Do your research on each provider first because you'll probably have to pay a commission or flat charge for this service.

What After?

You can claim your Spotify Artist Profile once you have a track on the service or when a distributor is about to upload your music to Spotify.

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Set up Your Spotify For Artists Profile

You can create your own artist profile to promote both you and your music in the way that best suits you using Spotify for Artists, which is available to everyone. It's more difficult to get a Spotify Artist Profile if you don't already have music on the service.

If you already have music on Spotify, go to the Spotify promotion for Artists home page to "claim your profile." To get your music on Spotify for the first time, it's ideal to collaborate with a digital distributor.

Promote Your Music on Spotify

Create audio advertisements for the free Spotify app that last 30 seconds or less using Spotify Ad Studio.

On both desktop and mobile services, they can be seen during the commercial breaks between songs. By creating an account and choosing “Promote an artist’s music on Spotify” which will be your campaign objective, you can easily create an ad. Targeting and budget are in your hands.

Playlists and Organic Spotify Plays Promotional Campaigns

This is a great approach to get your music noticed, even if there is a lot of competition and curators typically work with reliable sources. Curators of playlists are always looking for new music to include in their collections. Think about all the playlists available today! Finding people who are suitable for you is your duty. Whether you create lively pop songs or calming lo-fi rhythms, there are many great playlists for appropriately exhibiting your work.

We have relationships with many of the Spotify curators, so get in touch with us to find out how we can help.

Our Method For Spotify Playlist Promotion

You can gain access to an area of the service where people are already listening to music by purchasing a Spotify playlist promotion. Playlists have become the best way to be discovered as a result of this.

I actually see better results for artists getting discovered through playlist placements than I do for Spotify ads on social media since people are already in the mood to listen to music. (Instagram, Facebook). Retargeting your current fan base is where ads seem to work best.

The way EM Network likes to promote music on Spotify is as follows. EM Network's services can raise your Spotify statistics by developing a promotion strategy for your music that is specific to your genre, geographic location, and budget.

Starting the playlist submission process with EM Network will give you access to a one-of-a-kind, personalized campaign where the platform will send your song to their knowledgeable playlist curators who will listen to it, give you an honest review that will help you improve your music, and then give you the option to add your song to their carefully curated playlists.

These playlists were made especially for followers of that subgenre, therefore they're probably going to like your music. Your Spotify following will grow as a result, giving you the push you need to improve your chances of being added to Spotify's official playlists. You have the opportunity to grow your Spotify audience and gain a ton of new listeners and streams each month by using EM Network.

EM Network is also very transparent about how its campaigns function, giving you access to regular updates on how your campaign is developing as well as a wrap-up update on how it went.

Create Playlists With Songs from Your Personal Library

If you already have your own Spotify artist playlist with tracks that sound like your music, create one. Make playlists that contain more than simply your music. Share this playlist to connect with people just like you would with any other!

You may create personalized playlists utilizing your favorite songs for activities like workouts, events, or just resting at home instead of browsing around Spotify to flip between tracks. You can also compile a collection of songs for the enjoyment of your followers and viewers and upload it to Spotify as an artist playlist. As you can see, users really like this function.

Promote Your Music by Using Facebook Ads

Create a Facebook page without fail. Some people think Instagram is the only thing that matters. Actually, no. Facebook is a very powerful medium for marketing yourself and your music thanks to the use of targeted advertising, the promotion of Facebook events, and the usage of "boosted" posts.

Facebook advertising are a great tool for bands to increase their fan base and attract new listeners. Users can be directed by advertisements to any Facebook tab or an outside website like Spotify. You can choose to advertise to your current followers or a larger population. To discover how to set up Facebook Ads, click this link.

How Much Should You Spend On Music Promotion? 

There is no appropriate answer in this circumstance because everything is relative.

Someone with a lot of money will find it easier to spend $100,000 advertising their new CD. The usual aspiring artist, however, does not have such a budget.

First of all, we caution against investing a small sum in marketing.

No, we or any other agency are not doing this to extort more money from artists. In other words, $50 won't really make a difference in your chances of success.

Take into account the resources labels devote to a musical endeavor. It takes time for a music career to grow.

Since they invested a lot of time, money, and effort into their careers, it is not always the case that musicians like Post Malone and The Kid Laroi become famous quickly.

Instead than focusing on what might be achievable in one year, think about the forecast for the next five years, then the next ten years.

Like the majority of businesses, they begin by losing money.

Similar to investing in the stock market, you'll see fantastic profits if you constantly release music, promote it, hone your skill, and remain driven for success.

The Spotify “Touch Points” Effect

I advise pursuing the promotion of multiple tracks. When an artist promotes two songs at once, engagement and results are excellent.

The same people are exposed to you more than once when you are offered to the same listeners more than once. In the music industry, we frequently refer to these as "touch points."

A "cold prospect" (someone you have never met before) is more likely to interact with you if they see you more than once. Most people need to hear seven to ten of your tunes before they actually stick around and become fans. As you develop in your job, keep this in mind!

However, many musicians are opposed to releasing multiple songs and marketing them since they only want to promote one song. The songs you think will be your biggest hits occasionally won't be; instead, the songs you didn't think would succeed will end up being your biggest hits. What strange ways music works!

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Collaborate with Other Artists

Use Spotify to find unsigned musicians who share your sound and work with them. Make playlists with each other’s music on them. This is a great way to increase the number of people who listen to your music streaming.

A Bonus Tip

It’s a little sneaky, but it could work out well for you if one of your songs just so happens to share the same track title as a popular Spotify song right now. It’s possible that people looking for that song will find yours, play it, and fall in love with it!

Of course, you can’t just pick a title out of thin air, but if it’s appropriate for your song and relevant, it might be helpful if your track also happens to share the same name.

Make Sure Your Music Is Available for Purchase

Make sure your music can be purchased by listeners who like it, for instance, through an iTunes or Amazon account.

Visit the essential information page on Spotify to learn everything there is to know about promoting yourself there. Keep in mind to add an artist playlist to your profile!

General Advice for Increasing Your Fans Without Spending Money

Here are a few extra tips for anyone looking to advance their musical career. To discover all the tips successful musicians have to offer, keep reading!

Make Amazing Music

The saying “Quality over Quantity” is true. Put your efforts into creating high-caliber music that can compete with that of established musicians. Be innovative and distinctive. Make yourself stand out from the crowd.


Don’t Be Shy

Busk, perform at small events and expand your faithful fan base. Everyone must start somewhere, and it is essential to perform in front of actual individuals in actual settings who are genuinely interested in music.


Start Small

Begin with modest establishments like bars and pubs, then expand gradually. Being successful in music often depends on having confidence, which comes with practice.


Make a Good Marketing Strategy

Prepare the resources you’ll need to launch a sincere media and social media marketing campaign, including a straightforward site, a video channel (such as YouTube), a compelling media bio, some high-quality photos, brief video clips, and cover art (you can find talented designers on Fiverr).

Make sure that everyone you interact with or the organizations you work for incorporate you into their own marketing and social media.


Social Media Can Help You Greatly

Pay attention to expanding your social media and online music profiles on all platforms and promoting your music there. Keep your social media account active and updated frequently. Use relevant hashtags to make yourself more visible; by following others, you can expect a follow-back. Keep in mind that Facebook, Instagram, and Spotify are all connected and can promote each other.


Use Some Old-School Methods

People used to get their music played before social media, Soundcloud, and Spotify were even around!

So, give the traditional method a shot: message radio producers and the music industry press. Investigate a bit (it’s simple to find producers of your local and national press and radio stations via websites and Linkedin) and make a direct pitch to them.

buy Spotify streams and followers

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Final Thoughts

At first look, it could appear like a smart concept to get a quick audience response and quick delivery, however there are several problems.

Making music ought to be a creative outlet rather than a promotional tactic. Consider your ambition for a musical career while deciding whether to pay for plays. Do you truly intend to increase your following and reputation in that manner? Would you rather go more slowly and track down actual Spotify fans who actually enjoy your music and will support you in the long run? Do you want your reputation to be founded on phony fans and phony plays? A dishonest method of promoting your work is to purchase Spotify plays. People like what you have to offer, so you should compose music and succeed!

Consider this: when you were in school, what would you have thought of someone if they had offered to pay you to be their friend?

Have you ever paid someone to be your buddy or to go out with you, on the other hand? I have my doubts.

Would you charge the general public to listen to your music? Would you rather that someone hear your most recent song on the radio, in a club, at their local bar, or on the street before paying you for the right to do so, or would you approach a stranger on the street and offer to pay them to listen to your music?

Naturally, decisions are based exclusively on your objectives and experience; don't allow anyone sabotage your ideas! Nobody can stop you from purchasing Spotify plays, followers, or streams.

The music business might be difficult to understand. Independent artists can gain access to a multitude of information through EM Network to enhance their careers.