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TikTok For Musicians: 12 Tips To Help You Quickly Grow Your Fanbase

TikTok For Musicians: 12 Tips To Help You Quickly Grow Your Fanbase

The internet and social media have drastically transformed the music industry. With all of these technical developments, there are several chances for musicians and artists to pursue careers in music.

Services like EM Network Instagram Promotion offer you the ability to purchase likes on Instagram posts automatically. Others, like EM Network Spotify Promotion, offer targeted promotion on platforms like Spotify with programmatic native ads. But how to better use TikTok for musicians?

TikTok is a social networking app that has over 400 million users and is growing swiftly. Although it was initially intended for brief entertainment bursts and video clips, it has evolved into a forum for some artists to share their work. If you're not aware with the app or how it functions, continue reading to learn more about this brand-new market where instant internet fame may be obtained!

One of the social media platforms with the fastest growth, TikTok has quickly established itself as a credible venue for musicians and other artists to express their work. You'll find 12 strategies in this post that will help you increase your TikTok fan base and make sure the correct people are listening to your music.


Tiktok for musicians

1. Create cover music

The majority of the content that users and fans share on TikTok is comprised of cover songs. They are also among the easiest ways for different kinds of musicians, like DJs, bands, and soloists, to create material.

Because they attract listeners in with a well-known tune that may or may not be a favorite, cover songs are a great way to gain new fans and expand an audience. This directs people to your own page and your unique work.

It is a natural way to increase exposure for your own works by using music that listeners already know and enjoy.

2. Follow trends.

There is no denying that the foundation of TikTok is upon broad trends, regardless of whether you favor fads and trends or not.

Trends drive the algorithm of the platform, making it one of the best methods to get found and expand your audience, whether they be seamless transitions, creating family movies, picture challenges, or lip-syncing.

You may even start your own own trend to spread to your followers and get traction.

3. Collaborate, perform duets

Two young woman sitting singing a duet tiktok for musicians

One of the most well-known aspects of TikTok is perhaps the duet option. Users can respond to other videos with their own using this feature. Currently, the feature has mainly been used by casual users to produce reaction videos. The function gives creatives and artists a means to upload reaction films and give them a distinctive flair.

Climbing the ladder is made simple by creating stuff for duets. They offer a quick method of connecting with the fan bases of other musicians.

4. reply to remarks said on camera

The possibility for users to record video responses to other users' remarks is unique. You can send a video reply in response to a personal comment made on one of your videos, and other viewers can view both the original comment and your response.

This can be used to solicit song requests directly from fans and ask users for suggestions for creative content.

5. Test out different releases

When experimenting with tunes, the TikTok platform also offers the wonderful advantage of instant feedback from a following.

You may share a sneak peek of an unreleased song you are currently working on to determine which ones appeal to the most followers. It will be much simpler to decide which one to invest your efforts in and finally release if there is a favorite that sticks out.

6. Keep a record of your career development

It's easy to gain fans and hold onto them for a long period when you showcase your most recent projects while chronicling your creative journey.

Fans are more likely to stay up with you if they know they can check your TikTok to see what you are working on next and be the first to hear about significant music releases or breaking news.

You could even talk to fans about your profession, including where you came from, how you got to where you are now, and your future goals.

7. Make folks laugh

Musicians streaming online on social media app with mobile phone 
Make your audience laugh with a witty skit or sketch and let your natural charisma and character come through.

You can upload a number of sketches regarding hashtags that are popular right now. There is no requirement that it be connected to music, but if you can somehow make it work and make the jokes funnier, you gain extra points.
8. Present your skills

Teach others how to write songs, practice riffs, or build new hooks to share your musical wisdom. Many budding musicians who use TikTok would love to improve their knowledge and pick up new techniques. Start teaching if you have what they require!
9. Organize an AMA

Being able to play live in front of thousands of people from your house is one of the best things about the digital world. With the help of its "Go Live" function, TikTok can now support live streaming. Also, there is no time restriction on the length of your sessions, so you could theoretically do a 2-hour concert.

Of course, a performance does not always need to be live. One of the most effective, scientifically validated strategies for connecting with followers as an influencer is to create AMA sessions.
10. Exchange music and playlists

You perform and play music as a musician, but you also listen. Connecting with people who have similar preferences is easy when you share the songs you're currently listening to with the TikTok fan base.

11. Examine music

Explain to your listeners how you arrived at the final result by simply dissecting the song's instrumentals. Start with the song in its entirety, then gradually take away different levels and components until you are left with the beat alone.
12. Make your content localized

TikTok performs incredibly well when geo-targeting and location-based content are used. If you're a frequent creator, you've certainly noticed that your feed has started to fill up with material that is specifically relevant to your area.

So, it makes sense to provide content that appeals to the locals and inhabitants. Always include information about the location of your video along with well-known hashtags that are relevant to the region in your caption.

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