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Best Time To Release Music

Best Time To Release Music

If you've ever questioned whether there is an optimum time to release music, the answer is yes, there is. Everything, including the day and season, is important. Very often, musicians hurry to release anything without considering the best time for that release, thus you must carefully evaluate when you will release your song.

You'll learn when to release music at its most effective timing from the text that follows. I'll also give you some fantastic pointers on how to get ready for your release, which will help your musical career fly to new heights.

When Is The Best Time To Release Music?

Every month and every season has advantages and disadvantages of their own. Making the right choice is made easier when you are aware of current events in the music industry. Also, you must be aware of what you hope to achieve from your release. Let's explore what the music industry will be like in a year and when it is optimal to release music.

best time to release music

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Why are January and February Great for Your Music Release?

The first two months of the year, from January to March, are typically the greatest for new musicians to release music because they are the least competitive. Because the media is looking for what will be hot in the future year, now is the perfect opportunity to introduce yourself to bloggers, journalists, radio program directors, etc. Remember that during the start of the year, your listeners are also seeking out some new sounds and concepts.

A helpful hint: The week leading up to Valentine's Day is one of the busiest for sales of the year, so give your release great consideration.

Songs that are energetic and get your body moving tend to fare well if you decide to release them around this time. The uplifting message in the lyrics is an addition to these. Remember that everyone sets "New Year, new me" goals; this is why fitness music is so popular at this time of year (not just because we ate too much over the holidays). For those who don't like Valentine's Day, however, February is the perfect month for love songs, anti-romantic songs, and generally songs about love, relationships, and related issues.

Reconsider March for Your Music Release

Avoid releasing songs in March if you are a relatively unknown musician. All media outlets are at that time focused on covering the activities taking place during South by Southwest, often known as SXSW.

Nevertheless, things are different if you want to perform at SXSW. In this situation, you should definitely release your track(s) in March. It might assist in getting your work noticed by publications so they can use it for promotion or in articles about the event. You should go to SX even if you aren't playing because it is a fantastic networking event and will increase your exposure before your next release.

The tone of songs that do well in March frequently reflects that of earlier months. These are peppy, joyous, or party-like songs with a positive message that are light and feel-good.

April and May Can Be Great for Gaining Exposure

Now that SXSW is ended, the touring season has begun. Furthermore keep in mind that this month also marks Record Store Day. Think about working with your local record store and doing some related promotion.

Songs that are upbeat and positive, as well as songs about money, are appropriate for this time (remember that in the US, April 15 is tax day).

Due to the approaching summer festival season, May is a great month to release music! This is the perfect time to produce upbeat music that celebrates summer celebrations if spreading good sentiments over the summer is your thing.

best time to release music

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June, July, and August Are Festival Months

When school is out and festival season is in full flow, June and July are perfect months for the release of new music. If you can, try to get some festival engagements. The best place to perform your newest songs and get lots of attention is at festivals. Festival fever may be to your advantage.

Be aware that many people will be on vacation during major athletic events and the Fourth of July, which means that consumer, media, and concert attendance will be low.

By the end of August, the festival season starts to wind down and the start of the school year comes, but the summer spirit is still very much alive. Consider releasing upbeat, beach/summer fun songs.

September and October Are Great for Aspiring Artists to Release Music

The time is right for up-and-coming talents to genuinely shine right now. Everyone in the sector is back at work, and students are back in the classroom now that classes have resumed. Consequently, everyone is closely observing the new music that is being released. Fall-themed music is very popular right now, including cozy, moody, ambient, sorrowful, lyrical, alternative, etc. October is when Halloween is celebrated, making this the perfect moment to release some savage, eerie, and fierce music.

November and December Is the Most Competitive Period in the Music Business

November and December are often the hardest months to release an album in. The general public and the media usually pay attention to established acts because all well-known and significant independent labels release their newest tunes. Local or unsigned acts have less room as a result.

It goes without saying that now is a great time to release a song with a holiday or New Year's theme. Themes other than those connected with holidays or the end of the year, however, rarely succeed due to the market's severe saturation.

Here's a pro tip: This time of year, covering a well-known holiday song and uploading it to YouTube, for example, could be a great approach to launch a teaser campaign. This is a great way to grow your fan base, interact with the fan bases of other artists, and maintain visibility during the busy holiday music season.

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The Best Time and Day of the Week to Release New Music

Statistics show that on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m., the most music is streamed on Spotify and Bandcamp. In general, it's far preferable to release your music early in the day—whether that's early in the morning or early in the evening.

But, the optimum time to choose is when you expect your audience to be the most engaged.

When Is The Ideal Time To Release A Music Video?

Making a music video for your song is one of the finest ways to grow your fan following.

One of the most crucial events to arrange is a video premiere. This can be a do-it-yourself event using resources like organizing a Facebook event and scheduling a YouTube premiere. Regardless of the marketing plan, the video should be made available at the same time the song is first available on streaming services.

While some marketing authorities advise releasing the song and accompanying music video at the same time, others contend that the song should come out first. The second choice makes it possible for listeners to forge a closer connection with the music. Eventually, the video can help by providing a powerful visual expression of the song's aesthetic standpoint.

What Else Can You Do to Maximize the Impact of Your Release?

Treating the time of your music release with the same care that you did its production and finishing can have a big impact on gaining fans. Choose your music's branding and marketing approach first. Establish a marketing budget. Get more interviews, good reviews, and Spotify playlist additions by effectively promoting your music. To assist you with promotion, consider bringing on a PR manager.

It's critical to begin advertising a song well before it drops in order to boost your streaming platform stats right away. Don't forget to get in touch with the media and radio stations two weeks before your album drops so you can follow up immediately. Finally, post frequently prior to launch to guarantee that your listeners will be interested in your fresh stuff on day one.

Increase Your Chances of Being Featured on Spotify Playlists

I've already mentioned how important it is to be included on different Spotify playlists, and I can't stress this enough. Spotify playlists are among the best ways to promote any new album.

If you prepare and arrange your release in advance, you can directly pitch your single to the editorial team of Spotify by using Spotify for Artists. Even though it's infamously difficult to get in, it's worthwhile for every artist to submit.

It's important to pitch your release on Spotify For Artists well before seven days have passed since the scheduled release. The "Release Radar" playlists made by your Spotify fans will then include your music.

The fact that you don't have to solve something on your own is the finest part. Using a music promotion platform like EM Network, artists may connect with Spotify curators. With us, it's lot simpler to accomplish your objectives and gain genuine supporters and admirers quickly after releasing your music!

Keep Track of Your Statistics and Audience on Streaming Services

If you already have music available on streaming sites, check your artist account data to find out when fans are most likely to listen to your tracks.

As your song makes its internet premiere, there are several ways to monitor its performance. The two most important platform-specific websites for tracking streaming statistics are Spotify for Artists and Apple Music for Artists. Also, virtually all social media networks include some type of stat tracking.

How it can benefit you:

  • People of various ages and backgrounds all listen to music differently and in various ways. Depending on the person's age, location, and other musical tastes, you may be able to put together indications for the ideal approach for your future release, tour, social media style, and all other aspects of your craft.
  • You can actually see how you're progressing. You may keep a close check on your goals for followers, streaming numbers, playlist additions, and other critical stats that show your advancement if you're someone who sets objectives.

best time to release music

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Be Patient with Your Music Release

I know how tempting it is to pick the earliest date when uploading your songs. But, you must restrain your ambitions and acknowledge that it takes time to get ready to release songs. Hence, take your time and don't rush.

Spend a few weeks or months getting ready the right way. Get people interested in your future release on social media, for instance, and then get ready to rule Spotify or another streaming platform of your choice.

Remember that unexpected things can occasionally occur throughout the production process, so you'll also want to leave plenty of time to set everything up properly. Your dear friend is time!


More preparation increases your chances of success. Having a solid release strategy is the key to optimizing the success of your upcoming releases. Due to its release date, a fantastic song could not do as well as it should. Consider all I have said, and be mindful of how picking the right moment to release your incredible music might be influenced by the season of the year.