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How to Write a Great Pitch to Spotify Editorial Playlists in 2023

How to Write a Great Pitch to Spotify Editorial Playlists in 2023

To appear on a Spotify editorial playlist is the goal of many upcoming artists. By doing so, they can be sure that their music will be heard by new listeners who might become fans as well, which opens up a whole new world of benefits. More streams, followers, and money from your music can all result from gaining new fans. And isn't it what all artists strive for? But first, we need to understand what these playlists are and how they may help you and your career before we can learn how to make the ideal pitch for them.

On Spotify, there are three main playlist categories: algorithmic playlists, listener playlists, and the playlist category on which we will concentrate today: editorial playlists. To put it as simply as possible, Spotify specialists who work on the editorial team develop editorial playlists. To create and maintain these editorial playlists, Spotify has engaged a group of specialists from around the globe.

When people think of Spotify playlists, they frequently conjure up these editorial playlists, which have enormous fan bases. Even while some of these playlists are context-driven, most of them are focused on particular genres. The editorial staff is also in charge of managing Feeder playlists. They may more readily monitor the performance of a new release on these more manageable playlists. They are then sent to the larger editorial playlists if they perform well on the feeder playlists.

Editorial playlists are without a doubt the most advantageous for artists out of the three categories of Spotify playlists. The fact that so many individuals have subscribed to these playlists is primarily to blame. A spot on one of these highly sought-after playlists may bring in hundreds of thousands of new listeners and potential song streams. You may turn those streams and listeners into money by doing what you enjoy.

Pitch your music to the Spotify editorial staff for consideration. This is the fastest and most reliable approach to get your music on an editorial playlist on the service. There are other ways to get on these playlists, but the chances are not great. The majority of additions to these playlists are due to their pitches. It is preferable to do your research and develop your pitch before continuing, at least if you want to be included on one of these unique playlists.

You should first create an account with Spotify for Artists. (S4A). In addition to submitting your pitch here, you will manage all of your Spotify music from this point on. Create your profile first, then check to see if everything is operational. Verify your music's sound quality, artwork, track length, and track name, among other details. Additionally, be sure to have a bio with links to your social media accounts and images. Make sure that all of your social media links are functional because new listeners will go there first.

There are only six simple steps to pitch any new songs you have on the way. If you follow these instructions, your song will soon appear on an editorial playlist. Let's examine these six processes as well as any additional details you would need to be aware of.

  • Go to "Music/Upcoming" after signing into your S4A account.
  • Decide who you want to pitch your song to.
  • Select the song you want to release.
  • Choose the artist's birthplace and present location. Because some of the editorial playlists are based on location, this is necessary.
  • Choose up to three genres or subgenres that your music falls under. Your chances of being added to an editorial playlist will rise as a result.
  • Fill out the remaining fields, giving as much information as you can about your track.

I'm done now! Although signing up to pitch your music is quite simple, you also need to consider the exact pitch. Use your 500 characters as effectively as you can. Make sure to cover your background, how you make music, the significance of the song in question, any prior triumphs, your promotion strategy, and your reputation. As much information as you can must be included.

Your track is more likely to be included on an editorial playlist the more details you provide the editors. This is due to the fact that with all available information, the playlist editors will find it simpler to include your song. The stories behind your music, your music's story, and your song's story are all very captivating to Spotify editors. Your hard work will definitely pay off if you tell these stories well (or hire someone else to do it!).

The pitching time is just as crucial as the pitching procedure. Your likelihood of being on a Release Radar will significantly rise if you pitch your song at least seven days beforehand. Each week, an algorithm generates a unique playlist for each Spotify subscriber. As soon as it becomes accessible, you have the chance to reach even more listeners with your music.

However, it is best to pitch your music as soon as possible. It is customary to ask that you submit your pitch four to five weeks prior to the date of your actual release. Please note that you may only submit one song for consideration at a time and that you must be identified as the primary artist. You are not allowed to pitch a song if you are listed as a featured artist if the song is a compilation.

Check out EM Network if you need help pitching your song for a Spotify editorial playlist. It is our responsibility to pitch your music, ensure that you stand out from the competition, and have your music heard by the appropriate audiences.